Junior and Youth Trials 2020     

The Club has carried out an extensive trial process now for many years. We believe in giving existing and new members as much opportunity as possible to display their talents.  We are very cognisant of the fact that young players can make significant progress in a short period of time between seasons so last season’s ranking is not necessarily a guide for the coming season.

We use our cadre of professional coaches to evaluate trial performance to give the process real integrity.

We are aware that in February summer sport is still in full swing and that schools also have camps on during the month. In view of this we run the trial process across the whole month to ensure that we cater for everyone who wants to trial.    

Trials will be held from Wednesday 6th February 2019 through to Friday 18th February 2020.

Full details on the trials are set out below for all grades of players (Youth League, Metro, Conference & Division teams)

General Trial Details

Grade                         Date                       Venue                    Starting Time       Finishing Time

Grade                         Date                       Venue                    Starting Time       Finishing Time

9th Girls & Boys        3rd February          Becroft Park             4.15pm                  5.15am

                                    6th February       Becroft Park            8.30am                   9.30am

                                    10th February       Becroft Park            4.15pm                  5.15am


10th Girls & Boys     3rd February          Becroft Park             4.15pm                 5.15pm

                                   6th February          Becroft Park            9.50am                   10.50am

                                   11th February         Becroft Park             4.15pm                 5.15pm


11th Girls & Boys     6th February          Becroft Park             11.10am                 12.10pm

                                    7th February       Becroft Park               4.15pm                 5.15pm

                                     12th February      Becroft Park             4.15pm                 5.15pm


12th Girls & Boys     6th February          Becroft Park             12.30pm                   1.30pm

                                   7th February        Becroft Park             5.30pm                   6.30pm   

                                   12th February        Becroft Park           5.30pm                   6.30pm


13th Girls & Boys      5th February        Becroft Park              4.15pm                   5.15pm

                                     13th February     Becroft Park              4.15pm                   5.15pm


14th Girls & Boys      5th February        Becroft Park             5.30pm                   6.30pm

                                     13th February     Becroft Park             5.30pm                   6.30pm


15th Girls & Boys       14th February        Becroft Park              4.15pm                   5.15pm

                                      17th February     Becroft Park               4.15pm                   5.15pm


16th & 17th                  14th February        Becroft Park              5.30pm                   6.30pm

Girls & Boys                18th February     Becroft Park               4.15pm                    5.15pm


Please note that Goalkeeping Trials will be held at the same time as for outfield players. As the trial groups for Goalkeepers are smaller the girls (Goalkeepers) will trial at the same time as boys. Thus all keepers (Boys and Girls) please turn up for trials in the age groups allocated for Boys.                    

It is preferable that all trials are attended but we are cognisant of the fact that there is a lot on at this time of the year.

Please be at the venue ready to start 10 minutes prior to the trial beginning with sun screen, full water bottle, cap, shin pads and boots and goalkeeper gloves for prospective goalkeepers.  If your child wishes to trial as a Goalkeeper please advise Karyn Parle on