Forrest Hill Milford AFC Contact Tracing

All players need to check in to each training and game facility using their smartphones as per the New Zealand Football information attached. The Code for Becroft is VCGPR (codes for all other venues are detailed below).

Here is a user friendly how to video from Youtube.  


In the event contact tracing needs to begin the club will follow the process below. 

  1. Notice to club of a possible case of COVID-19 from Ministry of Health or Individual stating approx. time and date(s) of potential exposure
  2. Club will review all team rosters, training schedules and QR CODE records to determine which teams and visitors have had possible contact
  3. Club will notify all team managers, players and visitors that have had possible contact immediately via phone
  4. Club will give advice to the team managers and other clubs base on Ministry of Health guidance. It is likely you will be advised to immediately seek a testing station for COVID-19 and then enter isolation without any delay and to personally notify all people you have been in contact with since the date of the possible exposure
  5. Team managers will need to notify all players immediately and relay information issued by the club for what to do next.
  6. Players, coaches and managers will need to notify all personal contacts they have had.
  7. The club will also post via social media channels and membership wide emails notifying of the dates and time a possible exposure occurred and ask them either contact team managers in the first instance or to call the club immediately if they believe they were at the club at this time and all trainings will be cancelled immediately until further advice to the teams