Feedback from Communication Meeting regarding proposal to amalgamate with North Shore United

Last night we have a really positive communication meeting to discuss the proposal to amalgamate with North Shore United.

There were some really good questions and it was great to listen to our members’ feedback.

A number of queries were raised but a couple seemed to be ones that people really wanted clarification on.

These were:


Why is an amalgamation being proposed?


Our desire is to provide our members a Club that is sustainable and able to deliver a player experience that is second to none across all levels and teams.

We believe an amalgamation allows us to achieve this and also opens up the opportunity for improved facilities – grounds and Clubrooms and more playing opportunities for our players with ultimately teams playing in the National League (Men’s and Women’s).


Will this mean I now have to travel elsewhere to train and play?


No. You will still train and play within the location where you currently train and play.


Will the fees increase?


There is no intention to raise fees due to the proposed amalgamation.


Will the Club's current coaching focus and programmes change?


There is no intention to change focus and we would be looking to make our programmes even better.


Will the Clubrooms at Becroft Park still operate? 


Yes, the Clubrooms at Becroft Park will remain as a valuable asset of the proposed new Club and will continue to operate in the manner they currently do.


Where to from here?

The Steering Group are meeting next week and we will continue to update you on progress.

Special General Meeting

We strongly recommend that you attend the Special General Meeting where members will formally vote on the proposal to amalgamate with North Shore United. This meeting is being held as follows:

7pm Tuesday 6th August

Clubrooms at Becroft Park

What if I have more queries?

If you have any queries regarding the amalgamation proposal please contact our Club Commercial Manager, Andrew Diver, via email