All White Sam Brotherton returns to where it all started

All White Sam Brotherton returns to where it all started

As a Club we believe in having strong links from the Senior part of the Club back into our Juniors. That’s one of the reasons why we like to name some of our Junior teams after our 1st Team players as well as our NZ Senior Representatives.

So, it was a great thrill to have current All White and Sunderland professional Sam Brotherton, who started with the Club as a 5 year old, come down to the Club last Saturday morning to spend some time with the junior team that carries his name.

The children were thrilled to meet Sam and have him watch their game.

During the week Sam gave more of his time to address our 13th, 14th and 15th Metro teams and give them some insight on what it takes to represent your country and become a professional footballer.

Sam’s message was very clear that it’s not always the most talented players that make it. He quite openly admitted that he has never been the most talented player in the teams he has played in. He told the boys that it’s about being the hardest worker, having a great attitude and being a great team person.

He also advised them that they have to be able to deal with adversity and take the knocks and rebound stronger from them.

The Club took the opportunity to present Sam with a Club shirt and Beanie. In a nice touch, Club Chairman, Dave Crombie, Sam’s first coach at the Club, made the presentation. In return, Sam presented the Club with a framed signed All Whites shirt which will be proudly displayed in the Clubrooms reminding everyone of what is possible with hard work and a great attitude.